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Prayer Requests

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Phil 4:6)


over a year ago by m Pray for me
I am asking for prayers from anyone for my situation. My wife have left and says she does not want a divorce but will not come back to go to counseling as our pastor suggested. Her name is Myriam ...her email is if you feel you could give her a word of encouragement. I am in a custody evaluation with my ?ex? and I don't think it is going well with my wife gone. My ?ex? is backslid and does no longer go to church and I fear of loosing the children. I have absolutely no faith. I covet your prayers for it says ?the prayers of a righteous person availeth much?. Please help Marc


over a year ago by Phil Pray for me
Please Pray GOD heals the infection in my chest.The infection is not going away.Thank you

Joining the Army

over a year ago by Seth Pray for me
I'm joining the US Army. Tomorrow I'll start talking to the recruitor about jobs, and soon after that I'll be signing a contract for a job, and writing my top 3 choices for deployment. Please pray for wisdom, guidance with that. Pray that God will guide both me and the recruitor in discussing jobs and choosing the right one. Pray that if possible, if it's wise, I'll be able to get a quick-ship job, and get deployed very soon (with the way things are, I might get better options that way). Pray for the right doors to open, and the right jobs to be available. Pray that everywhere I send this prayer request God will draw a lot of powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently, with faith for this, as God leads.


over a year ago by Katarina Pray for me
Please, pray: That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me! THAT HE WILL BE VERY MUCH INVOLVED IN MY LIFE AND ME IN HIS! For GOING DEEPER IN KNOWING EACH OTHER! That WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME TOGETHER! That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives! Thank you for all your prayers Praying for you Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

special prayer

over a year ago by shannon Pray for me
I would like to ask for a special prayer. I am growing in the word of God and he has brought me a very long way. God has favored me in my weakest and at times where i wanted to give up. Lately it seems like the devil is on everyside. I ask God everyday to keep me strong and never let go of me. Please pray for me and my two young boys, one who lives in texas. Please pray for me...